Into the world of music…and more… from Krakow airport!

Unique heritage, wide cultural offer, well-kept nature, countless legends or traditional cuisine – I could write endlessly about the tourist virtues of Małopolska’s capital city. This city delights in every way.

However, I went there mainly for the concert presenting the songs of my master and king of music: Queen! I love this band, and as soon as I saw what events are organized in Krakow in their name, I immediately bought a ticket in the direction of the airport in Krakow. By the way, I booked accommodation at the boutique hotel Puro, which has very good reviews, and took advantage of the offer:

Of course I could not deny myself the sightseeing

There are many amazing places in Krakow where I could simply relax. Especially in summer, all bathing beaches, parks, gardens, mounds, forest areas or bicycle routes are teeming with life. For the active ones, it is worth going for a walk or a ride on the picturesque paths of Krakow and in this way sightseeing. Thanks to well-developed public transport I could get everywhere by buses and streetcars, which was very convenient and cheap option for me.

Delicious, tasty, just like at grandma’s

But what would a trip to Wawel Castle be without a taste of the local cuisine? Especially that for the palate Krakow has really a lot to offer. Local gastronomy is a combination of influences of various cultures, regional products, including bagel, but also a wide range of markets with organic and regional food and Krakow’s slow food zones. Even the most demanding culinary critics will find their tastes here.

Still developing culture

Just as there is no shortage of reasons to rediscover the city’s unique heritage, there are also plenty of opportunities to experience Krakow’s contemporary culture. The more so as during the vacations Krakow’s cultural institutions and festivals are held outdoors.

In Henryk Jordan Park, under the wing of Krakow Culture Summer, exceptional events are held, manifesting the richness and diversity of Krakow’s culture. These include concerts prepared by Krakow’s flagship festivals: Unsound, Summer Jazz Festival, Audio Art Festival, Film Music Festival or Wianki – the Festival of Music. So the creators invite you to performances and concerts: from classical music, through pop and jazz, to electronica and film music. But also simply to relax and spend time with loved ones in the surrounding of nature.

QUEEN and Adam Lambert concert

This event attracted crowds of fans to Tauron Arena Krakow in 2015. Unfortunately, I was not given the opportunity to attend the event, but I kept up to date with information from the Internet. Reportedly, the new singer who replaced the legendary Freddie Mercury did not disappoint fans of the British band.

If you don’t know, then as a faithful fan I will tell you that Queen on their account have both the Guinness record for the best hit of the past 50 years, as well as their own star in Hollywood. In 2007, they were voted the best British music group of all time according to BBC Radio listeners.

Queen Symphonic: A Rock Band & Orchestra Experience

This is my main reason for visiting Krakow. Such a unique opportunity to hear the greatest hits of the band live at an exclusive symphonic concert does not happen every day!

Queen Symphonic: A Rock Band & Orchestra Experience is a spectacular musical event that was prepared especially for fans by Queen guitarist Brian May. This allows fans to hear live some of the British band’s best songs written by Freddie Mercury shortly before his death. On top of that, we could listen to Queen’s repertoire, specially prepared for the occasion by the symphony orchestra.

“The entire programme has been created by the BBC and includes all of the group’s major hits. Four of the best singers of the famous British musical scene and a large group of accompanying musicians will perform on stage.”

Queen, created by talented singer Freddie Mercury, is one of the most important musical groups in the history of popular music. With worldwide hits and exceptional performances from the band’s leader, the Queen group has sunk deeply into the hearts of its fans. The band’s legacy is shared by millions of fans and musicians around the world.

Next time

After such a short time in this city and such a great dose of emotions, I know for sure that I will come back there! The more so because I haven’t had the opportunity to see so many places yet! Auschwitz Museum in Oświęcim, Wieliczka Salt Mine…or even the city ZOO! I can’t wait! I have already found excellent offers on the Internet for interesting guided tours for tourists. Everything planned from A to Z. Including pick up straight from the airport! See for yourself:

I will definitely use it!

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