Schindlers factory and Auschwitz tour

After the concert tour

During the visit of Queen in Middle Europe, the band had a lot of good experience. They could not only share their music, but they also gained some valuable  knowledge about these countries. Having the chance to explore that part of the Europe they had decided to stay there for a while. After all, they finished their concert tour. The band was visiting the most popular places they had never been to. However, the most memorable for them was the Auschwitz tour in Poland.

After performing at Peace Festival in Krakow the band was kindly surprised how the Poles are enthusiastic about their music. The gig was a great show with the greatest hits, that everyone in the audience knew. They couldn’t believe they had so many fans in there! Although they were really tired after so many gigs, the positive energy of the audience gave them a lot of power.

Memorable Auschwitz tour

After the gig, Queen was invited to the Schindlers Factory tour and Auschwitz tour by the KrakowDirect company. They happily accepted an invitation to these places connected with Jewish history in Poland. First, they went to the Schindlers Factory, where they could learn very interesting facts about Schindler’s life. The band admitted they had never read about this great character.

Auschwitz tour

The Auschwitz tour was a memorable experience for the band

Later on, they explored the Jewish district of Krakow – Kazimierz and they totally fell in love with it. What’s more, they really liked the Jewish music that was almost on every street in that area. However, the most unforgettable for them was the Auschwitz tour. They were really touched by the Jewish holocaust. All of the terrifying exhibitions in the museum made them think a lot. This emotional tramazing ip – from the positive gig’s energy to the Auschwitz tour’s thrill was for the whole band an experience. They remembered polish people as very hospitable and open-minded nation with rich and extremely interesting history.

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